Mar 2, 2015

The Daily Country - Give A Listen

Thanks to The Daily Country for the first words and mention of THE DEVILS RIVER on the interwebs!

Check it out: Give A Listen - Shawn Nelson Band

Feb 24, 2015

Released Today | The Devils River

STREAM: The Devils River

After the release of five independent albums with various band mates - two under Shawn Nelson, one with Shawn Nelson & The Good Buds and two with Shawn Nelson & The Ramblers, Shawn marks his 6th release with THE DEVILS RIVER - a throw-back country album dipped in some americana sauce.

All of the songs are written by Shawn, except for “Diamonds Don’t Shine In The Dark” and the title track, “The Devils River”. “Diamonds” was written with Shawn’s long time mandolin player and Good Bud, Fletcher Murchinson. “The Devils River” was written with Will Dupuy (South Austin Jug Band) on the way back to Austin from Bandera, Fletcher was asleep in the back seat of the van. Will recorded and released “The Devil’s River” on his band latest release, La Tampiquena.

Some of the finest musicians in Austin helped Shawn breathe life into these songs. Fellow Good Bud drummer and producer, Patrick Herzfeld, engineered and mixed the record at his new studio outside of Austin, Signal Hill, and also played drums and piano on the record. Long-time Austin guitar hero, Wayne Sutton of Sister 7 added his licks and riffs and Will Dupuy of The South Austin Jug Band popped in to add vocal harmonies and upright bass on a few numbers. The bluesy-two-stepper “Tighten Up” and the bluegrass fueled “My Old Time Gal” features fiddler Noah Jeffries of Milkdrive.

STREAM: The Devils River

Nov 20, 2014

Help Fund The New Album | The Devils River

Help Fund The Release and Receive Rewards For Your Support

I am so happy to announce that I am releasing another album and this one could use your support in a 21st Century kind of way. I am sure y'all have seen these fund raising campaigns around the web over the past few years, so I thought I would give it a shot to see if it could help me in releasing this record right.

Please check out the campaign on IndieGogo. There is a video discussing the making of the record and what the funds will be used for, along with the rewards you receive when you support the funding. Some of the rewards are pretty unique, like a limited edition signed poster and a songwriting session.

Check it out: Funding New Album | The Devils River

By the way, IndieGoGo is a legit outfit so there are no worries around security and privacy.

Thanks for your support!

One-2-One Show with Unfaithful Servants | SAT NOV 22

SAT NOV 22 | One-2-One Bar 

Unfaithful Servants 9:30pm | Shawn Nelson Band 11:30pm

Nov 10, 2014

LIVE Webcast Show | TUES NOV 11 | 8:30pm CST

On TUES NOV 11 at 8:30pm, I'll be performing solo acoustic from my house in Austin, Texas via a LIVE WEBCAST on CONCERT WINDOW. Check it out, it's the future.

Webcast Show Info | Tickets | Concert Window


Oct 30, 2014

November Show at One-2-Bar (Austin)

FRI NOV 7 | One-2-One Bar 

Jeremy O'Bannon 8pm | Shawn Nelson Band 9:30pm | La Tampiquena 11:30pm

Sep 30, 2014

October Show at One-2-One Bar (Austin)

THU OCT 2 | One-2-One Bar | 11:30pm 

Sep 16, 2014

Back To Nashville

It's been many moons since I have been back to Nashville and I am finally making my way back, but this time I am not heading down the road alone in my '87 Honda Civic. Graham Wilkinson will be with me and I could not be more thrilled to roll around with that rascal. We plan on playing Little Rock and seeing Billy Joe Shaver along the way and we (2Fer1) are playing a showcase show at The Building on Saturday, Sept 20. Pretty pumped to head back to Nashville, it's been too long. Peace.


Sep 3, 2014

New Record | The Devil's River

It's record time again. Y'all be on the look-out for a KickStarter campaign to help fund the completion of my sixth release - "The Devil's River".

I am excited for y'all to hear the record. The tracking is done, but not paid for and we are in the mixing/mastering phase. I think it is the most country album I have ever made, but I could not have made it alone.

Patrick Herzfeld at Signal Hill Recording helped me with the production, engineering, mixing and drumming; Wayne Sutton took on the electric guitar parts; Morgan Patrick Thompson laid down the foundation on the bass;Noah Jeffries amazed us with his fiddle parts; Matt B. Lara tickled and squeezed the accordion on a track; Fletcher Murchison came in to lay down some acoustic mandolin and the Oak-Hill-Billy, Will Dupuy played that dog house bass and sang some sweet harmonies. My friends are so talented, I'm lucky.

Hope to have the KickStarter going within the next couple of weeks! Be cool!

Jun 17, 2013

Music Review: Austin Music City

Austin Music City
Shawn Nelson And The Good Buds - Enough
"The first thing to get my attention on this album was the same thing that got my attention on the last album from Shawn Nelson, the writing. The guy can very subtly take a verse, make you listen and before you know it, you have been poked in the eye by remarkable words that make you remember what they were intended to say. "

May 28, 2013

Music Reviews: Twangville & My Random Jukebox

Music Reviews of ENOUGH from Twangville and My Random Jukebox

3 EP Gems: Wicked Saints, Western Youth, Shawn Nelson
"The music itself is well crafted and along with a particular style of laid back delivery I found this to be a really compelling listen..."

Shawn Nelson & The Good Buds - Enough Review
"This EP ticks all the right boxes with great sounding music, amazing vocals but it’s the lyrics that steal the show..."

Mar 8, 2013

Radio Interview: Jammin' Jukebox

Thanks to Jammin Jukebox Radio Show for a really cool interview.

Rarely do musicians get to speak their minds without being disregarded as irrelevant in the 'real world'. Thanks DJ Delta Dawn, rebroadcast below. Stay Free Y'all.

Radio Interview: Jammin' Jukebox (3.6.13)

Music Reviews: ENOUGH EP

Music Reviews of ENOUGH from Raw Roots Rock and Jolene: The Country Music Blog.

Raw Roots Rock
EP Review: Shawn Nelson & The Good Buds - "Enough"
"They are a swaggering, highly rhythmic band with a loose, relaxed feel that is extremely engaging, and immediately captivates...."

Jolene: The Country Music Blog
EP Review - Enough by Shawn Nelson & The Good Buds
"Consequently we can listen to the songs over and over again...."

Feb 4, 2013

New Video From The Continental Club

YEA YA RIGHT (w/ Graham Wilkinson) - Live at THE CONTINENTAL CLUB - Austin, TX (01.31.13)

Live at The Continental Club in Austin, TX (01.31.13)
Video: 2020Memory Production
Written by: Shawn Nelson

Shawn Nelson- vocals/acoustic guitar
Will Webster - electric guitar
Fletcher Murchison- electric mandolin
Joe Beckham- bass
Patrick Herzfeld - drums
Graham Wilkinson - backing vocals 

Dec 12, 2012

New Music: ENOUGH EP

Check out the new EP ENOUGH. You can stream the tracks and download them all for FOUR AMERICAN DOLLARS. Click on MUSIC STORE to download the high quality MP3s via Bandcamp.

ENOUGH should be available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and many other spots for music in the next few weeks. This is a digital release for now, we are not planning on making any CDs.

Released December 11th, 2012
Produced and Engineered by Patrick Herzfeld and Joe Beckham
Recorded at Birdhouse Studios (Austin, TX)
Mixed by Patrick Herzfeld
Mastered by Jim Wilson
All Songs Written By Shawn Nelson
© 2012 Fonky Tonk Music (BMI) All Rights Reserved

Shawn Nelson - Vocals and Acoustic Guitar
Fletcher Murchison - Electric Mandolin
Will Webster - Electric Guitar
Joe Beckham - Bass
Patrick Herzfeld - Drums and Harmony Vocals on "Come What May"
Graham Wilkinson - Harmony Vocals on "Yea Ya Right"

Nov 16, 2012

Introducing THE GOOD BUDS!

It's a new beginning. After playing many shows with the same guys for over a year and recording an EP together, we decided to change the name of the band to SHAWN NELSON and THE GOOD BUDS.

The Good Buds from left to right are Will Webster on electric guitar and vocals, Joe Beckham on city bass, Patrick Herzfeld on drums, Fletcher Murchison on electric mandolin and vocals, and me.

Sign up on the EMAIL LIST and become of a fan New Facebook Page for updates on the ENOUGH EP release, new merchandise and upcoming shows.

May 22, 2012

Official Video: "Nobody Got A Hold On Me"

Official Video from "San Juan Street"
Video: 2020Memory Production
Written by: Shawn Nelson

May 17, 2012

The Alternate Root: Featured Artist of the Week 05.15.12

The Alternate Root
Featured Artist of the Week 05.15.12 

Shawn Nelson spins around the cosmos in “Hollow Moon” and takes to some earthly traveling(“More Than California”, “Dreams in the Desert”, “San Juan Street”). Living the life of a singer/songwriter has a troubadour default setting, giving Shawn Nelson fodder and rhymes in ‘San Juan Street’, his recent album release. Following the narrator of “Hit the Road”, singer/songwriters hear the call early and most have the same opening line as the song, “I left home when I was grown, when I could cross the bayous on my own”.  Shawn Nelson calls Austin home when he is not traveling and the style and tones of the Texas songwriters is stamped on his music, taking his tunes from the honky tonk base with rock and jam band riffs that twinkle like starlight in his music. Shawn Nelson Tex-Mex roots spread out to drink from jazz, reggae and bluegrass on ‘San Juan Street’, his fourth album release.

May 7, 2012

RootsHighway Review of San Juan Street

Music Review - Shawn Nelson - San Juan Street
by Davide Albini

Another young songwriter from Austin? Calm down, sit back and let's reasoning: indeed, how could it break the endless chain that feeds the roots scene for years the town, as it has never failed that particular relationship between teachers and students. In the case of Shawn Nelson must now mention the name of Robert Earl Keen: stylistically this San Juan Street is crossed several times by precise references to the work of that, that characteristic blend of country rock auteur, fragrances of the Mexican border ballads and folk . Moreover, the two were actually known in studies of Arista few years ago when he packed for Nashville Nelson trying his luck with an exclusive contract by the author. In the bars of the capital of the country also made ​​the acquaintance of Guy Clark (a good luck, dear Shawn!), That in a very special evening (had just died, his friend Townes Van Zandt) taught songwriting on a few secrets to our boy. 

It seems almost like a screenplay: I do not know how far we have ricamanto over Shawn Nelson and it matters little, in fact, however, after a trip to Austin, a couple of bands made ​​and unmade (Frontage Road and Crazy Chester) and three disks in a Live at Antone's famous club cittaino, arrived today on time to collect all the ideas. San Juan Street in effect puts a lot of irons in the fire, starting with the production of Joel Guzman (Joe Ely band) and holdings of Matt Slusher and Will Dupuy (South Austin Jug Band) and Trisha Keefer (The Trishas), the latter often a key to the fiddle. More than an hour and fourteen songs in the setlist inevitabilmete end to be very generous and bulky for an error, perhaps dictated by the desire to show off, forgivable because in the end Shawn Nelson has what it takes to emerge in cities throughout Texas and probably, with that free-range step in honky tonk Nobody Got a Hold on Me and Anna Lee and some apt melody (More than California, sweet country ballad). 

We therefore positioned in the groove of the most classic troubadour Texans, perhaps without the peaks of writing the aforementioned Clark, but this honest group of followers that bring water and do the work of the soldiers: Dreams in the Desert with mandolin and accordion evokes the stories of the border, Down There would reintroduce the country and rural electric scopiettante more, I Can not Hide is generally more rock, while Mercy confirms the easy willingness of Nelson for excellent traditional melodies. In the end there is also room for a few episodes a bit 'more' experimental 'and roots out of the norm: Hollow Moon for example, dall'ambientazione vaguely late seventies soft rock, or Daydreamers, rhythmic reggae imprint. Part, as anticipated, that urge to throw in many, too many stimuli. Okay so Shawn, the road is the right one.