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  • New Video | Cruel Ol World | Hole In The Wall

    This past Tuesday at HOLE IN THE WALL in Austin, I asked if someone in the audience would video this brand new song of mine, Cruel Ol World, for a shot of bourbon. Nick Pierce raised his hand from the front table and the result is below.

    It's not exactly the typical barn-burner of a song that we usually pick at The Hole, but I think it has legs and intent. It's also truthful, my Momma still talks about all the boys who "left" for Vietnam.

    It's also only second time the band has played this brand new song. That's how it's done here, #AustinRehearsal.

    Thanks Nick and thanks to Sarah, Mike, Will, Shane and the rest of the folks up at The Hole for giving us a stage and a home. Long Live Austin. See y'all next Tuesday April 5 at 9pm.

    Peace & Blessings.