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  • Help Fund The New Album | The Devils River

    Help Fund The Release and Receive Rewards For Your Support

    I am so happy to announce that I am releasing another album and this one could use your support in a 21st Century kind of way. I am sure y'all have seen these fund raising campaigns around the web over the past few years, so I thought I would give it a shot to see if it could help me in releasing this record right.

    Please check out the campaign on IndieGogo. There is a video discussing the making of the record and what the funds will be used for, along with the rewards you receive when you support the funding. Some of the rewards are pretty unique, like a limited edition signed poster and a songwriting session.

    Check it out: Funding New Album | The Devils River

    By the way, IndieGoGo is a legit outfit so there are no worries around security and privacy.

    Thanks for your support!