Live From Antone's

Live From Antone's
  1. 1. How Long

  2. 2. Bound For Birmingham

  3. 3. The Seeds

  4. 4. The Difference

  5. 5. Everything

  6. 6. Down By The Riverside

  7. 7. Intro

  8. 8. In The Afternoon

  9. 9. Troubadour

  10. 10. Streets of Gold

  11. 11. The Junkies

  12. 12. Walkin' Down The Line

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Released November 2005
Recorded Live at Antone's - June 24th, 2005.
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Thomas Van Der Brook at Tone Haus Studios, Austin, TX
All songs written by Shawn Nelson except: "How Long" by Leadbelly; "Bound For Birmingham" by Nelson/Faulhaber/Landry; "Down By The Riverside" (traditional); "Walkin' Down The Line" by Bob Dylan.

Shawn Nelson - Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar and Harmonica
Mooke Mayrath - Drums
Joe Faulhaber - Electric Guitar & Harmony Vocals
Louis Landry - Keys, Melodica, and Harmony Vocals
Shaun Dickerson - Bass and Harmony Vocals
Jessie England - Fiddle

"In Live at Antone's, Nelson sings renditions of his best songs recorded live on June 24, 2005, at Antone's, a classic Austin venue. Live keeps audiences entertained with the styles that the band incorporates into its sound - anything from the traditional gospel of "Down By the Riverside" to the down-home, bluesy feel of "Troubadour." The music exudes the optimistic, laid-back nature of Nelson." - Emily Watson, The Daily Texan

“When I was very young, my Mom used to take me to the Armadillo. Yeah, THAT Armadillo. I don’t remember a whole lot, but the music in general was a lot like this. It was this funky mishmash of country, blues, rock and gospel. It was feel-good music played by people who felt good playing it, and everyone felt good hearing it. The years went by and that’s the sound Austin became known for. It’s country that doesn’t fit the Nashville plan, and it’s the tradition Austin City Limits has tried to maintain. I guess it’s “Americana” or “Roots music,” but whatever you want to call it, it definitely is Austin. The important thing is that it draws from all kinds of influences both black and white, and draws everyone together. It’s as hippie friendly as it is cowboy friendly, and the kids and grandparents will be there too."
- Maria Mesa’s Record Reviews | Austin Daze