Graham Wilkinson & Shawn Nelson | 2fer1

Graham Wilkinson & Shawn Nelson | 2fer1


Recorded Live at SUN STUDIO in Memphis, TN
Released August 22, 2015

Produced by Graham Wilkinson & Shawn Nelson
Engineered by Curry Weber
Mixed by Stuart Sullivan
Mastered by Patrick Herzfeld

Songs 1,3,5 & 7 written by Shawn Nelson
Songs 2,4 & 6 written by Graham Wilkinson
Song 8 by Shawn Nelson & Graham Wilkinson
© 2015 Fonky Tonk Music (BMI) All Rights Reserved

Shawn Nelson - Vocals & Acoustic Guitar
Graham Wilkinson - Vocals & Electric Guitar
Patrick Herzfeld - Drums
Morgan Thompson - Upright Bass

"Singer Songwriters Shawn Nelson and Graham Wilkinson have waded through the Austin music scene for over a decade collecting many victories along the way. These cowboy hippies are a dynamic duo who carry a microcosm reminiscent of South Austin circa 2004 with them everywhere they play. Primarily these two play good ol' boy Folk Country Americana music, with a hit to the heart in every song. They decided to do some live shows together, make it easy for the show promoters and the venues and call themselves "2fer1." This album, also titled "2fer1" was recorded at Sun Studio in Memphis, Tennessee will take you right back to that prime time. All songs recorded live and mixed by Stuart Sullivan and mastered by Patrick Herzfeld in Austin, Tx." - Letitia Smith, White Light Exposure | more