Crazy Chester

Crazy Chester


Recorded Late At Night And Somewhat in Secret at Cedar Creek Studio in Austin, TX
Released September 24 2003

Produced by Crazy Chester
Engineered by Jeff Luna & Aaron Franz
Mixed by Jeff Luna
Mastered by Jeff Luna

Songs 1,3,4,7,9 & 12 written by Shawn Nelson
Songs 2,6,10 & 11 written by Aaron Franz
Song 5 & 8 by Jeff Luna
© 2003 Fonky Tonk Music (BMI) All Rights Reserved

Shawn Nelson - Vocals, Guitar, Mandolin, Trombone
Aaron Franz - Vocals & Guitar
Mooke Mayrath - Drums & Percussion
Kent Clayton - Guitar & Percussion
Jeff Luna - Vocals & Bass

Formed in July of 2002 in Austin, Crazy Chester brought its original style of rock and roll to the forefront, mixing a blend of blues, funk, bluegrass, southern rock, and an insatiable appetite for the jam. With their debut and only release, "To Here From There," the band's eclectic mix is showcased in their ability to cover a lot of ground with their songwriting, which is shared by multiple members of the band.

Comprised of native Texans Shawn Nelson (vocals, guitar, trombone, mandolin); Mooke Mayrath (drums, percussion); Jeff Luna (bass, vocals); native North Carolinian Kent Clayton (guitar, vocals, percussion) and native Kansan Aaron Franz (vocals, guitar) Crazy Chester brings soaring energy to this recording and is the only piece of tangible evidence that the band even existed.

In their two year run, the Chester played numerous gigs in the Austin area and hit the road to play in Dallas, Fort Worth, Kansas City, Lawrence, Wichita and many places in between. The band however parted way to pursue other projects in early 2004, but did break on a memorable high note with their last show at the legendary Antone's in Austin.