Ain't No Easy Way

Ain't No Easy Way

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Released March 2009
Recorded with PJ Herrington in Austin, TX
Mixing and Additional Tracking at The Still Studio with Randall Squires
Mastered by Douglas Ferguson at The Still Studio
All songs written by Shawn Nelson except: "Jesus and the Honky-Tonk Queen" & "Don't Wanna Be Your Baby" by Shawn Nelson and Joe Faulhaber

Shawn Nelson - Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar and Harmonica
Joe Faulhaber - Electric Guitar and Vocals
PJ Herrington - Bass
Jerome Kinkaid - Piano and Organ
Nick Chambers - Drums
Trisha Keefer - Fiddle
LZ Love -  Vocals
Kris Brown - Dobro and Steel Guitar

"While Nelson proclaims that “there ain’t no easy way” in life, neither are there any easy answers to the questions he asks throughout his record. Ultimately, he seems to arrive at the conclusion that the answers aren’t as important as the act of finding the courage to recognize the world for what it is and fight against what it isn’t." - Carolyn Dixon, Melodic Sunburst

"Shawn Nelson brings a new edge and fresh perspective to songwriting and especially songwriting in Texas. He is to Texas music what gamblers were to the old west. With a smile on his face and a pistol in his boot, one way or the other you’re going to like the hand you are dealt.  Telling the truth, with no boundaries, guidelines or formulas. What a concept." - Greg Roberts,